Einfach verständliche Sprache gibt es auch bei Wikipedia. Sucht man bspw. nach Glück, also happines, findet man:

„Happiness is a feeling of pleasure and positivity. When someone feels good, proud, relieved or satisfied about something, that person is said to be „happy“. Feeling happy may help people to relax and to smile.“

oder auch Mut, also Courage, wird kurz und einfach erklärt:

„A person has courage if he does something even though he is afraid. Courage can be doing things that other people think should be scary. A person has courage if he puts himself in danger to save another person. If someone has courage, it is said that they are courageous, standing up for what you believe in.

For example, someone may be said to have courage if they fight a lion, or save a baby from a burning building.“


Hier der Link zur „einfachen Wikipedia“:


Warum gibt es das noch nicht auf Deutsch?